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Comic Con: Highlights from the Green Latern panel

Green Latern Comic Book from DC Comics

Green Latern Comic Book from DC Comics Credit: DC Comics

The Green Lantern panel  wrapped up this morning wat New York Comic Con. It featured some the creative forces behind the DC comic including Chief Creative Officer and “Green Lantern” writer Geoff Johns, “Green Lantern: New Guardians” writer Tony Bedard and “Green Lantern Corps” writer Peter Tomasi.

They talked about the upcoming story lines and their plans for DC's entire Green Lantern line, including an all-new animated TV series.

The latest television incarnation of the Green Latern will actually be in CGI. It's scheduled to premier on the Cartoon Network on  Friday, November 11 at 7 p.m. Check out a scene from the series and more highlights from the panel below.

From Geoff Johns:
The core of the first stories is Sinestro confronting Hal Jordan and pointing out some of the issues he has.

There will be a comic tie-in to the Green Lantern animated series that continue and expand on the show's stories.

After the individual stories have been established there will be more intertwining of the characters and storylines.

The Justice League couldn't force the Guardians to give the ring back to Hal but they might try. Except for Batman, who hates Hal Jordan.

From Pete Tomasi:
We haven't torn everything down from previous stories - We just want to make everything accessible to new and old readers alike.

The bad guys - The Keepers - are the ones who had the power batteries before the Guardians took them away and aren't all that pleased.

From Tony Bedard:
Kyle may not ever be as strong as Hal but he's capable of doing things across the entire spectrum that others just couldn't.

There's a whole mystery that unfolds through the first year of the book as to why all those rings chose Kyle at the same time.

Larfleeze will be coming back in New Guardians - and you will see him recite the oath.

Not concerned with giving origin stories but instead focusing on developing the characters.

From Brian Cunningham:
The first stories in Red Lanterns take Atrocitus across the universe discovering there are all sorts of situations that demand his attention.

"Will we ever see a Red Lantern from Earth?" - Yes.


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