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Comica Traxshot transformable mic changes shape to match your needs

Comica Traxshot changes shape to switch modes as

Comica Traxshot changes shape to switch modes as you need them. Credit: TNS/Comica

WHAT Comica Traxshot microphone

WHAT IT DOES The transformable all-in-one super-cardioid shotgun microphone changes shape to switch modes as you need them. It works with DSL, mirrorless, computers and even smartphones to provide crystal clear and controllable audio. And with ease with no setup, it’s simply plug-and-play, which is essentially plug-and-record.



WHAT'S HOT It has an air-float shock-absorption design with rubber rings built in to brace the microphone on top of the attachment plate. Its solid construction features full metal material, giving the user better shielding, and stability with recordings. On top is a dual boom mic, which can be angled to the area the audio where the audio is being captured. Each mic is built with an included windproof design to reduce basic wind and other background noises.

The flexible shotgun mic has four modes; bi-directional, mono and 30- and 90-degree stereo. The latter has the movable mics separating depending on the angle needed. A small display shows the modes, battery levels and other settings.

If your recording area has higher wind that needs extra blocking, a high-density muff slides onto each microphones just like a sock to filter the higher level wind noise. A cold shoe is built onto the bottom of the Traxshot for each mounting and connects to the camera with the included cable.

The Traxshot (4.8-by-2.5-by-2.4 inches, 4.6 ounces) has multiple modes, and a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 kHz. It runs off a built-in rechargeable (USB-C) lithium battery. Charging takes about three hours and the battery can last up to 20 hours in standby mode.

WHAT'S NOT Honestly, it's all good.

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