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Mini turntables, mini records, maximum sound

The Crosley RSD3 mini-turntable plays 3-inch records and

The Crosley RSD3 mini-turntable plays 3-inch records and costs $69.95. Credit: TNS/Crosley

WHAT Crosley's Mini Cruiser and RSD3 turntables

WHAT THEY DO They won't play any 33 or 45 rpm vinyl records; instead the portable record player plays 3-inch records. The whole package with the mini turntable and records is eye-catching, some might say cool, other say cute, both with a retro look.

THE COST $69.95 (Mini Cruiser), $89.95 (RSD3)


WHAT'S HOT The Mini Cruiser (5.79-by-8.15-by-3.35-inches) is truly portable. When it's closed, it has a carry handle like a mini suitcase.

It's really amazing when you see them perform with all the features packed inside, including a clear dust cover, adjustable pitch control, built-in stereo speakers, a port to connect your headphones or wire it to a stereo system. There's also a Bluetooth transmitter to connect portable speakers.

The silver toned RSD3 mini belt-drive turntable is also way cool and will be the talking centerpiece when you display it with a your sound system. It also plays the 3-inch records with sound coming from built-in speakers or you can use the 3.5 mm auxiliary port for output to headphones or a sound system. Sounds quality with both is excellent.Measuring just 6.16-by-4.50-by-3.25-inches, it's built with a pre-mounted Audio Technica AT3600 moving-magnet cartridge and adjustable pitch control.

A nice accessory for the mini turntables is the stylish Crosley mini record carrier case ($29.95), which holds 10 3-inch records. It's a well made vinyl-wrapped case with metal hardware, a carry handle and rubber feet.

WHAT'S NOT Those 3-inch records are not available in stores, but can be found online with a little searching.

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