RATING M for Mature

While Crysis 2 doesn't break any tremendous new ground in detailed graphics, it is a polished update for the game. It may not be a jaw-dropping addition to the Crysis series, but it is one of the best shooters available.

We played as the protagonist, Alcatraz. The locale is New York City, following some climatic disasters that have left the Big Apple and other cities around the globe in near ruins. Society is crumbling, aliens are bouncing around Wall Street, and camo-clad special-ops teams have us in their sights.

Somehow, Alcatraz acquired a so-called Nanosuit that allowed us to cloak ourselves in temporary invisibility and toughen our armor at the touch of a button. Much of the plot revolves around the technology behind the suit and how Alcatraz came to have it, and you'll have to play the game to learn the threads of that important plotline. No spoilers here.

It's entertaining and a bit addictive. Your objectives are clear, and audio reminders pop up when you beat the bad guys to remind you what the next step should be. After a hard shootout against a squad of paramilitary types at a spacecraft crash site near a subway station, it's easy to forget where you are supposed to go next.


A first-person shooter in a beaten-up NYC

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Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, $60


Addictive fun