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Dessert for Two site cuts recipe size, not flavor

Christina Lane's Desserts for Two site features downsized

Christina Lane's Desserts for Two site features downsized recipes for treats, dinners and drinks. Credit:


DESCRIPTION Small-batch dessert recipes, plus some dinners and drinks.


BOTTOM LINE A place where less is more.

Life is short — eat dessert first.

If you live by those words, visit Dessert for Two, a sweet website that knows its limits. It’s the place to go when you’re tempted to prepare something sinfully delicious, but your household is limited to two — or fewer — and you don’t want six to eight leftover servings to entice or spoil.

Chef-cookbook author-food blogger Christina Lane, the site’s creator, says she was inspired to downsize these treats when she failed to find recipes elsewhere. The site contains mostly desserts, with a sprinkling of savory dinners and drinks. Each recipe contains anecdotes, beautiful pictures and easy-to-follow directions. Recipes can be printed or saved to the Meal Planner Pro website.

Dinners include fettuccine Alfredo, shakshuka (eggs in purgatory) and a miniaturized Thanksgiving feast. Most drink names include fruit, such as the peach wine slushies, pineapple hibiscus mocktail and Nutella raspberry martini. When the weather gets really steamy, you can try Lane’s Earl Grey latte Popsicles.

But the big draw, of course, is those desserts, and though it’s called Dessert for Two, expect to find a yield of four for most of them. It’s hard to pick the most appealing ones, but two that caught our eye were the apple cinnamon roll cobbler and cookies and cream cupcakes, frosted with buttercream that, Lane says, tastes exactly like the inside of an Oreo. Also drool-worthy: Irish cream brownie trifles, salted caramel éclairs, baklava sundaes, dulce de leche crepes and slow-cooker crème brûlée.

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