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Devolo Magic 2 is an easy fix to home Wi-Fi outages

Devolo rates the Magic 2 Wi-Fi to reach

Devolo rates the Magic 2 Wi-Fi to reach transmission speeds up to 2,000 megabits per second. Credit: TNS/Devolo

WHAT Devolo Magic 2 plug and play power outlet adapter

WHAT IT DOES This device turns AC power outlets into a Wi-Fi access point and a source to transmit the data for internet access points around the house, helping dead zones and many other Wi-Fi problems. Once it’s up and running, the internet is sent around the house, top and bottom floors through the existing electrical wiring.

THE COST $184.99 starter kit (single port for router connection and a two Gigabit LAN port to extend the Wi-Fi range), $299.99 home kit (adds another two Gigabit LAN port for additional coverage.


WHAT'S HOT Devolo rates the Magic 2 Wi-Fi to reach transmission speeds up to 2000 megabits per second, but that can vary depending on the internet service brought into the structure and other factors such as the age and condition of the power outlets and power lines connecting them.

The Magic 2 Wi-Fi starts with a single Gigabit LAN port (5.12-by-2.6-1.57 inches), which is connected to your existing router. The other piece in the kit (you can add more if needed) of The Magic 2 is a 5.98-by-2.99-by-1.57 inches two Gigabit LAN port, which also plugs directly into any household AC power outlet.

Setup is simple, but make sure to follow the instructions for pushing the buttons in the right order to make the connection. The buttons on the Magic 2 include WLAN for Wi-Fi on/off, a home button for the power line connection, and a reset to reboot and reset the settings. The built-in gigabit ports can be used for direct wired connections to compatible devices.

WHAT'S NOT It's expensive.

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