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Melville-based erwin Inc. acquires AnalytiX DS, grows to 240 workers

Adam Famularo, erwin's chief executive, said Tuesday the

Adam Famularo, erwin's chief executive, said Tuesday the company has 240 employees worldwide. Credit: Barry Sloan

Erwin Inc. has made its fourth acquisition since the maker of data-governance software was  sold by CA Technologies in March 2016, the company said. 

Financial terms of erwin's acquisition of AnalytiX DS, announced on Monday, were not disclosed. 

Adam Famularo, erwin's chief executive, said Tuesday that the company's head count has reached 240 worldwide, including 30 at its Melville headquarters, after adding the 70 employees of AnalytiX DS, based in Chantilly, Virginia. 

Famularo said his company had 67 employees when the unit was sold by CA. CA acquired erwin in 1999 as part of a $3.5 billion deal for Platinum Technology.

Questioned about potential plans to take erwin public, Famularo said the company is "heading in that direction," depending on how developments unfold in the next few years.

"We're definitely playing the long game now," he said.

Erwin helps companies identify and manage digital data, which can be stored in farflung databases within the organization.

Those databases may use different coding and nomenclature — for instance a column for Social Security numbers could be coded "SSN" or "soc" — which makes tracking and setting proper security levels difficult.

Famularo said closely held AnalytiX DS provides technology that can pull in data from a wide variety of software programs with varying labeling systems.

"This was the last big piece we're missing," he said of the acquisition. 

Famularo, a former executive at CA and Verizon Communications, said erwin's customers include many Fortune 500 companies, including top banks, healthcare and insurance companies.

Erwin’s previous acquisitions were Rome-based A&P Consulting, which closed in January, and two companies based in the United Kingdom, Corso Ltd. in September 2016 and Casewise Ltd. in December 2016.

Erwin was acquired from CA, a Manhattan software company formerly based in Islandia, by Parallax Capital Partners LLC, a private equity firm based in Laguna Hills, California.

Erwin moved from Tampa, Florida, to Melville in 2016, shortly after it was sold by CA.

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