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Everybody's Golf VR review: Above par for the course

Everybody's Golf VR uses motion controls to mimic

Everybody's Golf VR uses motion controls to mimic real golfing.  Credit: TNS, Sony Interactive Entertainment

PLOT Tee up for a round of virtual golf.

RATED E for Everyone

DETAILS PlayStation VR; $29.99

BOTTOM LINE A birdie, just this short of being a hole in one.

Everybody's Golf VR doesn't offer explosions or visual spectacle, but it still succeeds in playing to the strengths of virtual reality. Gameplay works remarkably well if players use the PlayStation Move controller. Donning the headset transports golfers to one of several courses. Players swing naturally, and depending on the speed and direction on the club face, the ball flies on the fairway.

Just like real golf, the results can be frustrating. Players have to balance strength and accuracy to get enough distance on their swing while also avoiding the rough. Players also have to worry about fades and hooks as they try to control the trajectory of the ball while accounting for the wind and elevation of the course.

When it comes to immersion, Everybody's Golf VR does a great job at making players feel as though they're on the greens. Virtual golfers are placed in scenic courses by the seaside or fantastical ones where they golf in a reserve filled with dinosaurs. Because players hit the ball from spot to spot, they don't have to worry about motion sickness, and this helps them stay immersed.

Caddies accompany golfers offering advice, criticism and praise on the links. Additionally, players encounter events (short vignettes), where they can see the caddies' personality. Strangely, players can form an emotional bond with these characters.

The only drawback is the sparse number of courses. Players must unlock them and other caddies through the game. It offers an incentive to play, but at the same time, it highlights the limited offerings.


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