Title: ExciteBike: World Rally
Platform: Wii
Genre: Side Scrolling Racing
Available on Wii Ware

Remember the days of Nintendo, those handcrafted pixels of greatness? One of the first games that kept me glued to my tube television for hours was ExciteBike. The game was a classic, a must-have.

I wish that the legacy had died with the console and remained a gem for all to remember, but it's back. Maybe I’m spoiled with all of these new graphics and awesome controls, but this game should have remained in the classics bin.

The developers have tried to revive the game by adding some cool Wii controls, which I will admit are fun at first, but lack the intrigue to keep you coming back for more. Use your Wii controller to help smooth landings and jump over obstacles. Button mashing to help you recover faster has been replaced by shaking on the controller.

Races are, forgive the pun, exciting at first but stroll into the mundane faster than I would have liked. All in all it was a good try. Save yourself 1,000 Wii Points on this one.

Game Trailer

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