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Extra Crispy sizzles with breakfast recipes, bacon critic, more has videos, too, such as this cat has videos, too, such as this cat learning how to knead dough. Credit:

Nutrition experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The folks behind the website Extra Crispy, which is the ultimate toast to all things breakfasty, obviously agree.

Like a yummy stack of flapjacks with a side of bacon, the articles, recipes and videos on Extra Crispy are sure to satisfy most culinary appetites. Start off with a tasty article in which U.S. presidents are ranked in order of how much they loved breakfast (William McKinley, whose favorite omelet was akin to a casserole, tops the list).

There’s also a video in which “Master Chef” star Gordon Ramsay shows the proper way to make scrambled eggs (take them on and off the heat as you cook and add crème fraîche and spices near the end). Another clip, for fans of cute and fuzzy cat videos, shows a feline learning how to knead dough by watching YouTube.

Recipes run the gamut from skillet mixed-berry jam to coconut-zucchini bread, as well as one for English breakfast ice cream (made with tea) that can be prepared without an ice cream maker. There are also recipes for refreshing brunch cocktails such as watermelon-cucumber gin and tonic.

And you have to admire any site that has a bacon critic (Scott Gold, who admits to having “the greatest job in journalism”). No wonder this site sizzles.

SITE Extra Crispy (

DESCRIPTION This site puts all of its eggs in one basket — breakfast.

TARGET AUDIENCE Everyone, whether you prefer hotcakes or cold cereal to start the day.

BOTTOM LINE Articles and recipes done sunny-side up.

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