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Facebook disables phone, address sharing


Facebook announced Tuesday that it will temporarily disable a feature that allowed the social-networking site to share user phone numbers and addresses with app developers.

Over the weekend, Facebook announced that personal information, such as home addresses and cell phone numbers, posted on Facebook could be accessed by third-party Facebook applications. The blogosphere immediately reacted with a strong backlash.

Douglas Purdy, director of developer relations for Facebook, said in a blog post that the site is "making changes to help ensure you only share this information when you intend to do so."

For people who publish their home address and personal number on Facebook, third-party applications on the social network will have access to that info.

Facebook is allowing third-party apps access to contact information so long as users click "Allow" in the permissions dialogue box once a Facebook application is installed.

Jeff Bowen, a member of the Facebook developer support team, explained that users' addresses and mobile phone numbers are being made available on the development platform through a number of APIs.

App developers will find now find it easier to gather more personal information from users that can be used for spamming cell phones with text messages or mail boxes with junk mail.


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