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Facebook game 'Puzzle Chasers'

'Puzzle Chasers' is a free-to-play jigsaw puzzle social

'Puzzle Chasers' is a free-to-play jigsaw puzzle social game on Facebook by Konami. Credit: Konami

Since its launch nearly two months ago, Konami Digital Entertainment reports that its social media game "Puzzle Chasers" has steadily increased in monthly active users and continues to see substantial growth. The new IP, which was released in June, is already touting one million monthly active users (MAUs), according to Konami Digital Entertainment.


As one of the top 10 leading social games on Facebook, the jigsaw puzzle game stars Roxy, Blake and Austin the monkey.  Players travel the world to save famous landmarks all the while earning, collecting and purchasing items for their customizable mansion. 


There are two game modes, the fast-paced Blitz mode and the single player Story mode.  Levels of difficulty vary enough to keep puzzle-builders busy.  Each week, new puzzles are added to the frenzy to keep the completists coming back for more.  Nearly everything about this game is colorful and engaging.  Best of all, it is a free to play and family friendly. 


Warp Pipers, check it out the next time you update your status on Facebook and send us some screen grabs of your mansions.


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