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Fauna audio glasses: They're quite a spectacle

Fauna describes its high-tech spectacles as designer audio

Fauna describes its high-tech spectacles as designer audio glasses with speakers. Credit: Fauna/TNS

WHAT Fauna audio glasses

WHAT THEY DO Fauna describes the eyewear as designer audio glasses with speakers. They look just like glasses, but as described they sound awesome by playing your music with crystal clear and vivid audio.



WHAT'S HOT They appear to be just glasses, which is a good thing. With what they have built-in, you’d think they are big, bulky, and flat-out ugly, but they are far from that.

The frames are built with Bluetooth 5.0 for easy pairing to an Android or iOS wireless device. The arms of the speakers have water-resistant USound Mems micro-speakers and electrodynamic woofers on both sides, a touchpad for controls, and a pair of microphones on the right for hands- and ears-free calls.

With the speakers not being earbuds in your ears, they can be considered safer for hearing ambient noises while exercising or walking busy streets. The sound produced is excellent for what these are. If you’re expecting a full surround sound system to be blaring in your ears, this is not for you. The Fauna audio wear is built on convenience and they did a great job with it.

The lenses are available in four attractive styles with each having a different frame design, lens color (blue light filter lenses, sunglasses, or cat-eye sunglasses), and the built-in speaker system. The glass is interchangeable enabling an optician to change the lenses to your prescription.

WHAT'S NOT One thing to know going in is they are going to be yet another device that will need a charge. A hard storage case is included, which doubles as a powered charging case.

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