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Fe review: A sweet song of the forest

Fe, a foxlike creature, must rescue captured wildlife,

Fe, a foxlike creature, must rescue captured wildlife, learning their language to unlock more powers. Credit: Electronic Arts

PLOT A fox-like creature saves wildlife.

RATED E for Everyone

DETAILS PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC; $19.99

BOTTOM LINE Solid despite some flaws.

Fe is a moody, colorful adventure game in which players take on the role of the title character, who survives a devastating attack on its forest world. The fox-like creature Fe searches for survivors who have managed to avoid the invaders known as the Silent Ones. Its goal is to rescue the wildlife and repel the outsiders.

Players venture down ravines or scale cliffs using the vulpine protagonist’s abilities. It can climb trees, and as players collect gems, Fe’s abilities expand to include a glide, sprint and dive.

Fe must also learn the language of the beasts that it rescues. Taught in the form of songs, the voices open up more of the woodland world by unlocking the plant life of the land.

That interwoven relationship between flower and fauna is central to Fe. Learning the song of birds allows the hero to open the green petals and grab a substance that dissolves cages that the Silent Ones use to capture the creatures. Fe can also serenade other creatures and make them temporary allies. This allows Fe to fly to new areas or take shortcuts in a relatively open world.

Fe is a solid game, but it unfolds without any storytelling text, which can be a problem in the beginning. Explaining gameplay ideas and puzzles is difficult enough, but doing it with just pictures can be an exercise in frustration. The game also has a few bugs (one time a screen went all white and froze).

A forgiving autosave system makes up for this flawed but otherwise well-made game.

— The Mercury News (San Jose, California)

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