NAME Fetch

WHAT IT DOES The app is a puzzle-filled adventure about a boy who wants to be reunited with his dog, who has been kidnapped by an evil CEO.

COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone and iPad, requires iOS 5.0 or later; Android 4.0 and up

HOW MUCH Free download, $4.99 for the full game

WHAT’S GOOD Fetch starts as the simple story of a boy and his dog, but it soon becomes challenging as each embarks on a quest to find the other. It also gives players a chance to explore the game’s somewhat dystopian setting. Not that this game is dark — if anything, it feels like playing through a Pixar movie, thanks to its cartoon aesthetic and whimsical touches.

Players can tap on screens, arcade cabinets, fliers and other objects to get information about where to go and what to do. At one point, the hero jumps across a bridge of skulls and battles evil robots.

If you can keep yourself from getting too immersed in the story, you can play free, but it might be hard to keep your heartstrings from feeling a pull. The free version is meant as a healthy sneak preview, and then you’ll be asked to pay for the full app.

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WHAT’S NOT Since the game deals with a missing pet, it could be a sensitive subject for children 12 and younger.