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Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn: 10 reasons you should be playing

Final Fantasy fans have been waiting a long

Final Fantasy fans have been waiting a long time for Square Enix to fix the debacle Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) that was Final Fantasy XII. Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy fans have been waiting a long time for developer Square Enix to make up for the debacle of a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) experience that was Final Fantasy XII. To say the latest crack at an MMO is an enormous improvement would be an understatement. If you’re into MMOs and not playing this already, you should be. We’ve been racking up the hours on this game and it’s fantastic. If you’re not convinced it’s the game for you, we’ve got a couple good reasons for you to give it a shot.


1. Tons of character options to choose from

Five races, eight classes, eight tradecrafts and nine jobs to choose from gives you a ton of options to customize and level your character. The five races include Humans (Hyur), Elezen (basically elves), Lalafell (Small Hobbit types), Miqo’te (humanoid cats), and Roegadyn (huge hpk types). No matter what race you choose you’ll have 8 classes which define how your character will fight. Here is a little list to help you with the complexity of it all.

Battle Classes

Gladiator (Tank type)
Pugilist (Bare handed fighters)

Magic Classes

Conjurer (Healer)
Thaumaturge (Black Magic)



Jobs (Combo Classes)

Paladin (Gladiator level 30 and Conjurer level 15)
Dragoon (Lancer level 30 and Marauder level 15)
Monk (Pugilist level 30 and Lancer level 15)
Bard (Archer level 30 and Pugilist level 15)
Warrior (Marauder level 30 and Gladiator level 15)
White Mage (Conjurer level 30 and Arcanist level 15)
Black Mage (Thaumaturge level 30 and Archer level 15)
Summoner (Arcanist level 30 and Thaumaturge level 15)
Scholar (Arcanist level 30 and Conjurer level 15)


2. Amazing seemingly limitless environments to explore

If you’ve played an MMO before you know how large the worlds can be, and Square Enix has done its due diligence to make sure every detail of this expansive realm is unique and beautiful. Nothing seems out of place and the design of some of the environments are hard not to admire when traveling throughout the game. It’s quite literally, a whole new world.


3. Familiar MMO controls: Am I playing World Of Warcraft? No definitely not.

If you've played World of Warcraft (WOW) for a number of years, you can't help but notice the strikingly similar control system. Does that make the game any less original? We think not. WOW got it right, controls are simple considering the amount of options and things you need to control in this game. It’s as if Square Enix tipped their hats to WOW and said, "This is great, now lets try and make it better." Proof positive of this is the option of playing this game on PC or PS3, both of which work amazingly well.

Note on PS3 play: If you want to chat with people online you’ll need a keyboard. Also helpful is your computer or tablet handy to look up things as you play.


4. More battling with the Duty Finder and FATE systems

The duty finder is essentially it’s name. It finds quests or duties and other ways to up your EXP, whether it be quests or dungeons. You can register for dungeons anywhere in the world, thereby cutting down on your in-game travel time.

Square’s FATE or Fpl Active Time Event system is totally brilliant. As you travel throughout the game you’ll notice these events as circular areas on your map. All you need to do is run into the area and the system pops you into a battle banding with other players to accomplish a goal: usually killing a bunch of monsters or escorting someone fending off attackers. Imagine running through the hills to find a bunch of goblins attacking a compound, hordes of your fellow players fighting them and you joining in on the defense -- yeah, that's awesome.


5. Amazing Dungeons and boss fights

With the duty finder it’s easy to pop into a dungeon even if you’re a solo player. The pairing system matches you up with other people in the queue. Once ready, you’ll all be zapped into whatever dungeon you chose. The dungeons and boss fights are simple at first but get ever more complicated and challenging as you progress.


6. There is an App for that

This game is huge so no doubt you will get lost. It happens often but Square Enix has you covered. The Libra Eorzea App is a great library to find quests, NPCs (non-player characters) and anything else in the game to keep you advancing through the levels.


7. Bored with your class, just change it

Sick of being a Gladiator slashing enemies with a sword? Want to try out some magic as a Arcanist? The times of creating a whole new character to change your class is over. Swapping classes is super easy. Just equip the main weapon of the class you want and you start from level 1 again. Each class levels on its own so once you max your level with one class you can swap it and level another. There is no limit to what you can be and combo classes are available so you can share abilities and unlock even more specializations for you character.


8. Power leveling made easy with Levequests

Don’t care about silly story lines and want to power level your character? Want to do a quest over and over again because it has a sick amount of EXP? Levequests are available at most towns and allow you to pick up a decent amount of quests at once. Once accepted all you need to do is go to the designated area defined by the quest and begin it. These missions usually involve killing a bunch of monsters or gathering items within an area.


9. Grand and Free Companies make it super social

What MMORPG would be complete without a way to interact with your fellow players? Grand companies are part of the main story line and add a small social element grouping players into one of three different options: The Maelstrom, The Order of the Twin Adder, and The Immortal Flames. Each have their own quests and story lines to explore. Free companies are player initiated companies, essentially groups of players banded together to share info and help stimpate groups. Nothing new to MMO veterans but always a great feature to help guide you through the game.


10. It’s a perfect world! No one is killing each other

Playing Final Fantasy has always been a positive uplifting experience. Characters in the story have always been rags to riches types who manage to overcome all odds and save their world. This game keeps true to that history. When you start the game you are set forth to stop the evil in the world, and you can’t pick sides. This is a good thing. You can’t fight other players (at least for now) and it creates a great atmosphere for gaming. Everyone working to level their characters and experience the many different story lines that the game designers imagined. It’s an epic, multifaceted playground of fantasy that could have only been created by the masters of the RPG, Square Enix.

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