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Fireback Movies trivia game app is fast-paced and addictive

Fireback Movies is a trivia game for iPhone

Fireback Movies is a trivia game for iPhone and iPad in which players try to connect movie titles by finding a common actor. Credit: One Degree Games

NAME Fireback Movies by One Degree Games

WHAT A trivia game in which you link movies by actors.


COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; requires iOS 7.0 or later

WHAT'S GOOD  This easy, fast-paced movie trivia game takes Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon up about four degrees. To begin, hit Start New Game from the main menu, pick an opponent and then enter a movie title. Type "The Wizard of Oz," for example, hit Play Turn and your opponent has 60 seconds to enter the name of another movie featuring an actor from "Oz." If your answer is correct, Good Connection will pop up. If not, you can try answering again before time runs out. Score 10 points for a connected movie plus bonus points. Gameplay continues back and forth until someone scores 100 points. Win a game and you earn five tickets, which you can use to purchase lifelines (pass, reset timer, pick from three titles or type in an unconnected movie) if you get stuck on a turn. Tickets are also available as in-app purchases. Challenge Facebook and Twitter friends who have the app, or let it choose a random opponent.

WHAT'S NOT On rare occasions, the app did not recognize a title that we know featured an actor common to the previous movie played.

BOTTOM LINE The sweetest movie treat since Sno-Caps -- and just as addictive.

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