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Firesheep user proves people don't care about privacy

Despite all the talk sorrounding the free and easy to use hack tool Firesheep, it seems like people really don't care about their accounts being hacked.

New York software engineer Gary LosHuertos took it upon himself to give first hand warning to customers in a Starbucks who were using the free open wifi to log into their personal accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and

Gary collected 40 Facebook logins with Firesheep, then proceeded to login into each account and sent a warning message to every user from their own account.

Post warning message, he saw a sharp decline of users logged in to their accounts, but not everyone heeded his warning.

"This was somewhat puzzling. Did they receive the first message? I logged into their accounts, and surely enough, they had. One of them was even on, which I had warned about in my first message. I targeted him first: I opened up his Amazon homepage, identified something he had recently looked at, and then sent him a "no, seriously" message on Facebook from his account including the fun fact about his music choices."

Gary went on to write a second message to the uncaring Starbucks users.

"Really wasn't kidding about the insecurity thing. I won't send another message after this -- it's up to you to take your security seriously. You're at the [XYZ Street] Starbucks on an insecure connection, and absolutely anyone here can access your account with the right (free) tool."

After this message, same people were still logged into their accounts.

Accroding to Gary, the moral of the story is that no matter what security measure are put in place by the tech experts, "the weakest link in security has been, and always will be, the user's judgement."

CLICK HERE to read Gary's full recount of his vigilante ways.



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