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First look at Twisted Metal at E3

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Advertisements for the video games "Street Fighter," left, and "Twisted Metal" loom over attendees at the E3 Gaming Convention in Los Angeles. (June 7, 2011) Credit: AP

The new Twisted Metal game for the PS3 was one of the most fun games to play at E3. The demo featured an endless loop of Deathmatch games allowing you to spawn as any unlocked vehicle. I got a chance to play with the motorcycle, helicopter, rolling ball, and the main character, Sweet Tooth.

The gameplay experience is similar to its predecessors – explosions, chaos, and survival is impossible.

But the controls are a bit more complicated this time around: accelerate with the Square button; energy weapons with the D-Pad, cycle through special weapons using R1; fire machine guns with L2; use special vehicle attacks using R2.

But even if it takes you a while to get the hang of the controllers, not to worry. Your vehicle will probably be able to withstand a barrage of missiles. It can get frustrating when you hit an enemy with everything you've got, but you won’t do much complaining when you’re at the receiving end of the mayhem.

The mechanics of each vehicle didn’t seem drastically different from one other. Although some were faster and others had better armor, its hard to notice these differences when your average survival rate per spawn probably won't be more than a minute or so.

But the vehicle that was truly unique was the helicopter, with its different controls, and bird's-eye perspective. Its special ability lets you jump into the gunner's seat, manually aiming down fire at the cars below. Problem with that is, no one will be flying the helicopter, so you’ll be venerable to attacks.

There is no word yet on game modes beside the standard Deathmatch. Look for Twisted Metal to hit shelves sometime in October.

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