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For almost vegetarians, a web home

If you toy with the idea of becoming a vegetarian, but can never quite make a complete commitment to forsaking animal products, you'll probably find The Wimpy Vegetarian a comfortable place to visit. There's no preaching or lecturing here.

The blog is written by Susan Pridmore, a San Francisco culinary school graduate who, after several failed attempts to go completely vegetarian, now follows a "flexitarian" diet, which stresses more plant-based meals and less meat. On her blog, Pridmore shares "healthy, interesting and flavorful vegetarian or semi-vegetarian recipes."

The blog features attractive photography and a clean, easy-to-peruse format. Yummy-sounding recipes include Fig, Ricotta, and Honey Tart, Cider-Spiced Sweet Potato Soup and Shrimp and Corn Griddle Cakes. You can search for dishes by recipe title, cooking method, course, occasion, key ingredient or dietary requirement.

The print button on each recipe converts the text to a printer-friendly format and includes a clipping path and the Web page address for the recipe. The Save Recipe button leads you to ZipList (, where you can register (for free) to save recipes from the blog to your "recipe box" or add ingredients to your "shopping list."


DESCRIPTION Food blog with vegetarian and semi-vegetarian recipes

TARGET AUDIENCE Anyone who wants to eat a more plant-based diet

BOTTOM LINE A place to add to your database of vegetarian dishes

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