NAME Divoom Bluetune Solo

WHAT IT IS A portable Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone for your music and your phone calls.

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COST $49.99

WHAT'S HOT Shaped like a miniature soda can, this small, affordable speaker can be easily carried in a pocket, purse or satchel. But what makes Solo stand out from the crowd is its solid construction, fine sound quality and the included microphone, which converts it from a speaker to a speakerphone at the touch of the button on top of the canister. This is the same button used to initiate its Bluetooth connectivity. Weighing in at just a bit more than 8 ounces, Solo's power switch is located on its bottom, where you'll also find rubber pads to keep it from sliding around and/or scratching the surface where it is sitting. Its X-Bass technology provides pleasing bass output for its compact size, with a sound reach of about 30 feet. Solo's battery lasts up to eight hours before a recharge is needed through its accompanying USB cable. The cable's dual head also has a 3.5-mm jack, making it compatible with non-Bluetooth devices or for daisy-chaining speakers. It also can pair with wired stereo speakers through its audio out port. Its rubberized siding is available in blue, orange, red, white and slate.

WHAT'S NOT With so many good features, it's hard to believe the one thing that Divoom left out was a volume control on Solo. This means you have to be near the source of your music to turn the sound up or down, which, at the very least is an annoyance.