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Gadget Watch: Satechi Touch USB LED lamp

The Satechi Touch USB LED lamp can be

The Satechi Touch USB LED lamp can be inserted into almost any empty bottle to create an instant lamp. Photo Credit: Handout

NAME Satechi Touch USB LED lamp

WHAT IT IS A USB-powered, LED-illuminated frosted white plastic shade that can be inserted into almost any empty bottle to create an instant lamp. Touch the silver disc at the top of the shade to turn it on or off.

COST $24.99

WHAT'S HOT When we first heard of Satechi's Touch lamp, which requires nothing more than the shade, an empty bottle and a USB port to provide soft lighting in minimal space, college students immediately came to mind. But after examining and testing Touch, we'd even recommend it for budget-minded home decorators, be it for a nightstand or other places where diffuse lighting is appropriate. A pretty vase adds more elegance as a base than a soda, beer or whiskey bottle, and a USB adapter in any outlet eliminates the need for a nearby computer. This environmentally friendly product contains no mercury and consumes just 1.2 watts of power. It is lightweight, cool to the touch, compatible with USB 2.0 or 3.0 and has an estimated life span of 50,000 hours. Don't need another house lamp? Touch can also be used for camping or in a power outage attached to your laptop or a portable power bank.

WHAT'S NOT The cost -- $19.99 seems more of a buy-it-without-thinking price point. Touch will not be adequate where direct, strong lighting is required. And although we found that even an empty 16.9-ounce plastic water bottle would support the shade if it is carefully placed, we'd recommend a heavier or larger container to keep it from tipping over.


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