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Gameloft pulls on the wallet strings

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Finding awesome free games on the Apple App store is a great feeling. But when a game is said to be free and turns out to be a demo, well, that just puts a damper on the whole experience. Gameloft is a publisher that loves this type of release model. They make some great games, but most of them are knock-offs of console or PC games.

Case in point is "Starfront: Collision." A real-time strategy game that looks strikingly similar to "StarCraft." Another title in the lineup is "Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden," a game that could just as well be considered "World of Warcraft" mobile. Do I sense a possible copyright infringement here?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of playing "StarCraft" or "World of Warcraft" on my phone, but being tricked into thinking the game is free, then having to purchase the full game for a substantial price for an app, well, that’s just shady.

"Starfront" and "Sacred Odyssey" will cost you $6.99 for the full game after getting  the demo version for free.

Problem  with the switch over  is all your progress in the demo is lost. You are then forced to buy a different, full version of the game. Both are great games if you're willing to shell out the dough, but be warned Gameloft is not so forthcoming with its app prices, so dig deeper before the excitement drops you, head over heels, into a pricier purchase.  

Starfront Collision

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