Tom Clancy’s fictional special-forces operation is back with a squad of fresh faces who attempt to systematically dismantle a Mexican drug cartel. After the U.S. embassy is bombed in the Bolivian capital and the resident drug enforcement agent is kidnapped, the U.S. deploys a covert unit to disrupt the cartel’s operations and take down the charismatic and powerful leader, El Sueno. You (and up to three friends) must gather intelligence to identify cartel members and team up with local rebels to carry out discreet missions that undermine its black market business. Once you identify a faction head of a region, disrupting the target’s operation becomes the primary objective. Each boss serves a different role in the organization, which affords Wildlands a diverse array of missions. Wildlands may not succeed with all its ambitions, but it’s a compelling direction for the series that points to a fertile future.