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Good Evening
BusinessTechnology helps overcome challenges's co-founder Karen X. Change said the site's co-founder Karen X. Change said the site is "about having a dream and not knowing how to get there -- but starting anyway." Credit: Handout

The world has overdosed on Internet videos. These days, when we click on a story and see a video begin, we quickly scroll down to see if (hopefully) there is text we can read instead. Until now. is the website for the video selfie age. It was co-founded by Karen X. Cheng, inspired by the 3 million views and hundreds of emails she received from the time-lapse video she posted ( of her one-year journey to learn to dance. Cheng says GiveIt100, where people post 10-second snippets of their (mostly) daily attempts to do everything from learn a language to lose weight, is "about having a dream and not knowing how to get there -- but starting anyway."

Although it has a vaguely voyeuristic feel to it, you'll probably find yourself not only fascinated watching how people progress, but rooting for those you connect to. We nervously watched and hoped as Cynthia, who had been paralyzed, struggled to learn how to walk again.

But this is not just a site for watchers. If there is a challenge you'd like to face, here's the place to post your videos, which you can make public or keep private. You also can teach a skill to others. Using the website is free, but you can only register through your Twitter or Facebook account.


DESCRIPTION A place to upload videos of day-to-day progress on a project

TARGET AUDIENCE Anyone attempting to get better at something

BOTTOM LINE Need inspiration? Find it or give it to others on this site.

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