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Go Green with your iPhone or iPod case

Bioserie iPod Touch Case available in 4 colors.

Bioserie iPod Touch Case available in 4 colors. Credit:

I’m a big fan of lightweight streamlined cases for mobile devices. As an avid iPhone 4 user, I like cases that keep to the form of the phone. Contrary to Apple’s bulky case solution for all iPhone 4 users, I sport the Luxe Lean iFrogs case. But when this new product from Bioserie promised to be made of plants, my interest was peaked.

I got a chance to sample the case for the iPod touch. The biggest caveat for this case is the weight. It’s light and slim, almost like wrapping a leaf around your iPod. At first glance the case seems like its made of paper, but is surprisingly durable and snaps onto the device well. 

The price is a bit steep at $34.95 off the or, but no one said saving the planet was cheap.

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