Google Inc. has upped the ante in free online storage.

The Mountain View, Calif., search giant announced it now offers 15GB of free storage shared among its Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos services.

Previously, Google offered 10GB of storage for Gmail and 5GB for Drive and Google+, limiting how users could configure their data.

In a Monday blog post by Clay Bavo, Google's director of product management, the company said it would be updating its Google Drive storage page to let users see how much data is stored among Gmail, Google+ Photos and Drive, which lets users store and share word processing, spreadsheet and other commonly used files.

The announcement came as the company's Google I/O developers conference was to begin.

The upgrade puts Google ahead of Microsoft Corp., which offers a 7GB no-cost limit in its SkyDrive service and Amazon Cloud Drive, which provides 5GB of free storage.

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Dropbox and similar storage and sharing services also offer free storage. In its free tier, Dropbox lets users store up to 2GB of data.

All the services let users increase their storage at varying fee levels.

Apple also offers a free iCloud service that lets users share data among devices.