NAME Google Trips

WHAT IT DOES The app make journeys a bit easier by letting people plan out a day in a city.


COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad and iPod touch require iOS 8.0 or later; Android devices require 4.1 and up

WHAT’S GOOD Travelers can find new ways to plan and organize trips with suggestions for things to see and do. You can pick a city such as San Francisco or London and then ask the app to find cafes, parks, beaches, restaurants, landmarks or other points of interest.

Users can also switch the type of points of interest at a destination. Tapping the “magic wand” on the screen will bring up nearby sights and attractions you might not have been aware of.

The site also provides one central location for all of your reservations for airlines and hotels. If you click on an upcoming flight, it gives you the confirmation number and info on times, terminal and gate.

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WHAT’S NOT Hopefully the app will add a customization feature allowing users to add suggestions for restaurants, hotels or places of interest.

BOTTOM LINE It’s like having your own personal travel agent.