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Grand Theft Auto V review: A sweet ride

In Grand Theft Auto V, three characters make

In Grand Theft Auto V, three characters make for a sweet ride. But be warned: This game is not for children.

What drives the open world of Grand Theft Auto V? It's the three fascinating characters who make this game such a sweet ride as they form an unlikely bond that will keep you glued to their conversations and gives you a stake in the outcome of every action.

Michael is retired from the crime game and bored by the quiet life of luxury. Franklin has failed to make his "poor house to the penthouse" dream a reality. And Trevor wants to watch the world burn, and doesn't mind being the guy who strikes the match.

Experiencing one of their heists from all three vantage points gives enormous depth to them and proof of why the team would falter if one of the legs of this criminal tripod were to fall.

Switching at random among them when not on a mission provides even more depth, as you drop in on them living their lives as if they were real people, not just avatars sitting off in a game menu waiting to be activated.

Having three characters to experience the highs and lows with, instead of just one, rounds out the story and provides depth you simply can't find in any other modern game.

It's unfortunate that the female characters are reduced to horrible stereotypes, and it's shocking that there are few moments where a guy gets his just due from a woman for being a total jerk. The game is also not recommended for children thanks to a plethora of violence, bad language and brutality.

RATING M for Mature

PLOT Three heads are better than one for this heist

DETAILS PlayStation 3, Xbox360, $59.99

BOTTOM LINE Your heart will be racing

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