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Grid 2 video game review: dual-style race

Grid 2, available for PS3, XBox 360 and

Grid 2, available for PS3, XBox 360 and PC, sends a player careening through tight turns and fast straightaways in beautiful cities from Dubay, to Paris to Miami. Photo Credit: Handout

Racing-game developers often must decide which type to build -- the always-accessible arcade style or a more strident and true simulation version. Attempts to bridge the divide normally fail, but Grid 2 succeeds by picking the best of both worlds and not overreaching.

Not a 50-50 split of style, the game veers more toward arcade-based on the controls alone. Cars hug the road expertly, allowing novice gamers to catch on quickly, while the ability to customize each car keeps hard-core racers intrigued.

The single-player campaign mode runs through beautiful cities around the globe. From Dubai to Paris to Miami, the lens flares with stunning vistas to immerse you in the environment. Match types are numerous as well, from straightforward street races to timed events and kitschy modes like drafting challenges. The variation of match types means you will rarely find yourself bored with the options in Grid 2, and you'll enjoy trying to find the perfect car with the right set of modifications to meet a particular venue and style of race.

Unlocking and finding the best car for your needs doesn't come easy.

A trove of cars awaits you as you progress, from simple Volkswagens to flame-bursting, open-wheeled racers that pop and speed along tight turns and down fast straightaways.

You are treated to a symphony of car noises (if that is your thing), since the urban courses rev with the nearly nonstop screech of tires and engines roaring off tunnel walls and towering skyscrapers.

RATING E for Everyone

PLOT Start your engines!

DETAILS PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, $60; PC, $35

BOTTOM LINE Worth pulling into your gaming garage


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