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Halo 4 review: A classic redefined

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"With an epic story line, nonstop action and a soundtrack to match, this isn’t a game... It’s a full-on experience"

- Warp Pipe



There are few game releases in this world that rival those of Halo. Every rendition of this story has spawned an amazing game to experience. This fourth edition follows suit and does not disappoint.

There are some benchmarks avid gamers set when playing a title that has had such a great reputation over the years. First, we say the makers, in this case Microsoft Studios, better not produce such a catastrophe that it defaces the franchise. Second, we wonder, will the game live up to all the hype its predecessors manifested? Finally, we ask, will the game be as classic as each of the ones before it?

In Halo 4’s case, it’s safe to say that the game’s developers, led by 343 Industries, have succeeded in breaking every skepticism gamers could possibly scrounge up. This game is truly amazing.

From the moment you boot up Halo 4 it gives you the same familiarity fans have come to love from the franchise. The developers and artist who crafted this game took every little detail into account. From the menus, to the music and the game play, each has that additional oomph that a sequential series game must feature to hook its fans.

There’s no need to walk through every minute detail of this game -- it really is something that you should play on your own and experience without spoilers. But just watching the opening story line unfold should be enough to convince Halo fans and first-timers alike that every penny they spent on this game was completely and utterly worth it.

We start a few years in the future from Halo 3, our previous meet with Master Chief. The beginning sequence explains what has transpired in the years since players last engaged with the character. It features some greatly chiseled CGI that shines through in the gameplay as well. The game designers have really upped the ante with this title.


The fourth edition of the game boasts the same controls as all the previous Halo games did, and they just feel right. They are simple yet still possess enough added techniques to make the game feel new without having strayed too far from the standard Halo fans have come to know and love. Graphics are tight and the sounds that accompany them seem more fresh and crisp. Even the enemies appear a bit more menacing, lending a necessary edge to the campaigns. As a result, even though this is the third sequel of the game (excluding ODST and Reach), players still get the adrenaline rush from each turn of event, each enemy’s rush and each mission’s task.

In addition to having to deal with the Covenant forces, Master Chief must now contend with the Promethean Knights. This new foe introduces a new set of weapons, each of which is comparable to a Covenant weapon – but with an added wrinkle that makes it more effective and provides a different aesthetic. On top of the new weapons, you’ll get to pilot new vehicles, including the Mantis, and familiar ones, such as the well-known Pelican aircraft.

We didn’t get much into the multiplayer aspect of the game by press time, but considering all of the interesting boards on the campaign, you can set your expectations high. The boards are massive and are boosted by exceptional detailing that sets the stage for some serious fire fights.

Bottom Line

If you’re an avid Halo fan or just a fan of first person shooters, this game is sure to fully engage your senses. With an epic story line, nonstop action and a soundtrack to match, this isn’t a game... It’s a full-on experience. Do your self a favor and grab a copy so you can get in on the action immediately.

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