NAME Handy Photo 2.0 app

WHAT IT DOES This all-encompassing photo-editing app from ADVA Soft can edit images up to 36 megapixels and supports JPG and RAW file formats.

HOW MUCH $1.99 at iTunes and Google Play stores and at

COMPATIBLE WITH iOS and Android devices, including the iPhone and iPad

WHAT'S GOOD The Handy Photo update features a completely redesigned user interface that is easy to use. Either take a photo or open one on your camera roll and tap the upper right corner of your screen for the different editing functions. Tone and color, retouch, clone stamp, move me, filers, textures, magic crop and frames are your options. Each function has additional options once you click on it. "Move me," for example, has tools much like those used by professional photo editors, and they allow you to select one part of a photo and move it within the image or even to another photo. Handy Photo also lets you add layers and manipulate those layers, which is really sophisticated for an app.

WHAT'S NOT It still can't compare to Photoshop, but it does have more advanced features that photo enthusiasts look for in an editing app.

BOTTOM LINE A well-focused photo-editing tool that can make all of your images look like masterpieces.

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-- MCT