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Heroes of the Storm game review: Action-packed battle fun

Screengrab from video game : game Heroes of

Screengrab from video game : game Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard Entertainment) Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Jaina Proudmoore summons a water elemental as Azmodan's demonic army prepares to assault nearby towers. Kael'thas calls on the Phoenix God Al'ar and sends Illidan and Kerrigan flying into the air, and Sgt. Hammer sets her siege tank sights on a dazed Diablo. It's a typical game of Heroes of the Storm, an incredibly accessible multiplayer online battle arena filled with fast-paced and fun matches.

Heroes of the Storm puts you on a five-person team with a goal to destroy the opposing team's base, complete with lanes of auto-spawning fodder that march toward the enemy base with unwavering devotion. The highlights of each match are the team vs. team interactions, with big ability combos, exciting chases and daring raids into enemy territory.

In stark contrast to other games in the genre, there are no items to memorize or purchase during the game. Heroes of the Storm offers a wide variety of battlegrounds, and in many of the modes you won't know which one you're playing on until your game starts.

These maps all have their own special flavors and themes, but all also have players working together to complete objectives like collecting special resources or capture points. These objectives provide the motivation to get battles involving many players happening early and often, providing hefty advantages to the team that can edge out the other.

Heroes of the Storm succeeds as so many other titles from Blizzard Entertainment do by taking what makes a genre great and distilling things down to the fun -- then instilling plenty of charm, character and action. As with many games in the genre, Heroes of the Storm is best experienced with friends.

RATING: T for Teen

PLOT: Prepare for battle against multiple enemies -- and friends.

DETAILS: PC, Mac; $19.99

BOTTOM LINE: This is where the action is.


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