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How to: Add a timer to your PC

If you get lost in thought when you are on your computer, you can download freeware to help you keep an eye on the time: It will remind you when your meeting is or when to take a pill or even when to take the muffins out of the oven.

1. Go to and download Cool Timer. When it installs, it will ask if you want to install a specialized tool bar and Real Player. Unless you want these things, make sure to answer "no" or unclick anything that is checked that will download them.

2. Cool Timer has three modes: alarm clock, countdown timer and stopwatch. To change the mode, click the bottom right of the application. You can preset times and name them in countdown or alarm mode and use them repeatedly.

3. To customize the appearance and alarm sounds of Cool Timer, click the drop down menu Options and select Preferences. Among choices: You can pick an image from the application's library or import a picture as the face of Cool Timer or have it just show digital numbers.


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