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How to cancel your online accounts

Visit to cancel or unsubscribe from other

Visit to cancel or unsubscribe from other websites. Credit: Handout

Most of us sign up at websites without considering how -- or if -- we can delete our account. Some websites make it difficult, if not impossible, to unsubscribe. Below are three sites that provide links and advice on unsubscribing. But remember, even if you unsubscribe, some sites retain the data you stored there.

1 lists more than 150 websites and uses a color-coding system to indicate the degree of difficulty to delete an account. White is easiest, gray moderate and black impossible. It provides a link to a site's deletion page or a contact email address plus insightful tips about each site.

2 also uses color coding (green site accounts are easiest to delete, gold moderate, rose hard and black impossible) plus an easy-to-use interface. Links take you directly to a site's deletion (or sign-in, if required) page. "Show info" links provide tips for some (not all) websites.

3 does not have a directory or color coding. Type in a website and click "View the removal process," to get removal links plus step-by-step directions, including for iPhone apps and third-party connections. Its home page has removal trends for websites as well as mobile and Facebook apps.

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