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Good Evening

How to . . . evaluate favorites, bookmarks

I have so many Web pages I have bookmarked as Favorites, I frequently have trouble finding the one I want -- until I found some free software that helped me organize them and evaluate those I no longer needed.

1. Go to /deadlink.htm; download/install AM-Dead Link. It detects dead links, duplicates in browser bookmarks and text files and is com- patible with Internet Explorer Favorites as well as Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera bookmarks.

2. Open the program; select the browser whose bookmarks you want to evaluate from menu on the top left. Click the green button with the check mark to run the program. It will display names, URLs, status and path of saved bookmarks, indicating if they are OK or not.

3. Check "error" links before deleting them. To delete links, define them and click the red

"X" button. Internet Explorer and Firefox links are deleted. The list must be saved for other browsers. Use the other buttons to locate duplicate links.

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