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How to. . . find apps with is a search engine that helps locate is a search engine that helps locate apps for all platforms. Credit: Handout

With millions of apps to choose from -- and more being launched every day -- how can you track and find the ones you might like or need? The creators of considered that question back in 2009, and came up with a search engine specifically designed to find apps.

Quixey compiles data on apps from blogs, tweets, news and review sites. To search, you describe what you want the app to do in the window on Quixey's home page, then click to receive results that may fit your needs. You may not get a perfect result every time -- perhaps nobody has designed your dream app yet -- but your request may yield related apps you find interesting, anyway.

If your results are too broad, you can narrow your search by platform. For example, you can search for just mobile apps or break that down to Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone or Windows phone. You also can search just for desktop (Mac or Windows), browser (extensions or add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) or Web apps. Finally, you can specify free or paid apps.

Apps have star ratings, though it is unclear who has rated them. By clicking on Free or the price, you will be taken to the site where you can download or purchase the app.


DESCRIPTION A search engine to locate apps for all platforms

TARGET AUDIENCE Anyone who uses apps

BOTTOM LINE Need an app? Here's where to find one.

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