You may use Google mapping all the time, but it's possible you may be able to use it even more effectively. Here are some tips for Google street view.

1. Street view lets you view photographs of a location at street-level -- as opposed to overhead via satellite. Since Google has not yet mapped every street, to easily find out whether there is a street view of your location, drag the "gold man" off the zoom control and hold him over the area. If the road turns blue, it has been mapped.

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2. If your location road is blue, when you drop the "gold man," Google maps will automatically load the image that relates to the location. This image can be rotated 360 degrees. To move along the road, place the circle that appears around your cursor where you want to move, then left click.

3 You also can zoom in on scenery along the road by pulling the cursor toward you (making the circle around it bigger) until you see a magnifying glass with a plus sign. Move the cursor to the area to be magnified, then left click. Or use the plus and minus signs in the upper left corner to zoom in and out.