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How to . . . locate a product manual

You buy a product, set it up and put the manual away. Months, or years, later when you need it, the manual is nowhere to be found. Here's a site where you may be able to locate and download a PDF of your missing manual.

1. Go to, click the Manuals tab, put in the model number of the product you need a manual for (you also can put it in the Search window). Click Go or Search. Don't have the model number? You can search by brand or category.

2. If the manual is available, you can open and/or download a PDF of it. If you get no results or the manual isn't available, try searching for a similar product by the same manufacturer, ask members for help or to be notified if the manual becomes available.

3. Store your manuals in a virtual file cabinet on the site by joining (it's free), downloading the manual, then indicating which room in the house to file the manual under. Click community tab to share tips or upload and share manuals with others.

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