Good Morning
Good Morning

How to . . . make sure kids explore safely

From the time they are toddlers, today's kids know what a computer is. Here are some places they can play that are child-friendly, safe and (mostly) free when they want to start exploring the keyboard by themselves.

1. A Disney site for fun and monitored anonymous social networking, it is chock-full of games, music and dance. You earn coins and stamps playing games, which only can be spent on features requiring a paid membership.

2. When the kids aren't playing the A-maze-ing Green Eggs & Ham or How the Grinch Saved Christmas games (where they can win points to create their own Who), they can learn all about Dr. Seuss and his characters.

3. These games are not for the fainthearted. In a landscape set with Lego blocks and figures, players use logic, concentration, quick thinking and dexterity to win games challenging even for adults. Do well to earn printable certificates.

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