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How to manage emergency alerts on your smartphone

On the iPhone 7, you can toggle to

On the iPhone 7, you can toggle to enable or disable emergency alerts. Credit:

With hurricane season in full force, it’s important to keep those weather alerts on your smartphone sounding so the warnings can get through. If you’re not sure how to set up or disable alerts, just follow these steps.

For iPhones, open the Settings, choose Notifications and scroll all the way to the bottom, and you can toggle Amber Alerts and Emergency Alerts on or off.

Android phone users might find the emergency alert settings in a few different places depending on the version on their device. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, for example, has the emergency alert settings accessible through the Messages app. Simply launch Messages, then touch the three dots on the upper right of the app screen and choose Settings. Then toward the bottom of the settings screen, you’ll see Emergency Alert settings. Touch it and you’ll be able to choose to toggle on and off Amber Alerts, Severe Alerts and Extreme Alerts.

Android’s alert settings also mention Presidential Alerts that are mandatory and cannot be turned off.

It’s worth noting that if you have emergency alerts turned on, the familiar alert tone will sound loudly even if you have your phone’s Do Not Disturb settings activated, so if you truly want your phone to remain silent, you’ll want to know how to turn the emergency alerts on and off.

For a full tutorial, including illustrations on how to enable and disable the various alerts, go to

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