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How to . . . organize your iPad

After placing iPad applications in folders, click the

After placing iPad applications in folders, click the home button to save the configuration. Credit: Handout

Is your iPad or iPhone so cluttered with icons that it feels as if you can never find the app you're looking for? It may be time to organize your device by creating folders to group icons of the same subject matter. Here's how.

1. Creating a folder and moving apps into it is easier if you first group the icons involved near each other. Tap and hold down an app that will be in the folder until it begins to vibrate. Drag it right, until you get it to your last icon screen. Do the same with other apps for the folder.

2. After the apps are grouped, and with them still vibrating, to create a folder, drag and drop one app on top of another. This will create a box (folder) with both apps within it. iPad will automatically name the folder based on its contents, but you can rename it at this point.

3. To move the next app into the folder, tap outside the folder, then drag the next app into it. When all apps are within, click the home button. To delete a folder, tap on it, then press and hold an app until it vibrates. Drag it outside the folder. When all apps are removed, the folder will disappear.

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