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How to ... Save steps on iTunes

Most people rely on clicking their way through iTunes, but if you prefer using your keyboard, here are some shortcuts that, in many cases, are quicker and less stressful on your fingers and hands than clicking. These commands are for PCs.

1 Playback:

To play or stop a song, press the space bar. To replay a song from the beginning once it has started, press the Enter key. To scroll up or down an album list or your Music list, use the numeric keypad: 4 to scroll up or 6 to scroll down.

2 Volume:

To raise the volume while a song is playing, press the Ctrl key and numeric 8; Ctrl plus numeric 2 will lower the volume. To mute a song (song will keep playing), press Ctrl plus Alt plus numeric 2. Press again to turn sound back on.

3 Other commands:

To turn the Visualizer on or off, press Ctrl plus T; to eject a CD, Ctrl plus E; to select all songs on a list, Ctrl plus A (to deselect them, shift plus Ctrl plus A); to create a new playlist, Ctrl plus N; to view options, Ctrl plus comma; to close iTunes, Ctrl plus W.

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