Setting up a desktop wallpaper slideshow on Windows is fairly simple. The wallpaper will continue changing even as you work, which is particularly effective if you have a multiple-screen setup.

1. For Windows 7, 8 and 10: Place pictures for the slideshow in a folder. Right click on your desktop and select “Personalize,” then “Desktop Background.” (For Win10, click the Windows start button, type in Desktop and select “Change desktop background.”) From the “Picture location” drop menu, locate your picture folder and checkmark pictures to be included in the slideshow (or “Select all”). Select the time interval between picture changes from “Change picture every,” and check “Shuffle” to randomize the order. Choose a “Picture position” from the drop menu, then click “Save changes.”

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2. For dynamic, showstopping pictures, search National Geographic’s free downloadable wallpapers from its Travel Photographer of the Year contests. If you have a subscription to the magazine, you can also download free wallpaper from some back issues.

3. Follow these links to explore National Geographic’s wallpapers (make sure to check interior links for winners, weeks and/or any drop menus; there are many photos at each site):,,,,