All too frequently, we receive emails that look authentic but somehow seem suspicious. Though not foolproof, one way to try to authenticate whether an email is legitimate is to track where it originated from...


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To find out where an email came from, you can analyze its full header. If you don't know how to access the full header for your email account, Google has a. support page with this information for most major email providers at


Once you have a full header for the questionable email, copy it and go to the ipTRACKERonline .com's Email Header Analysis page ( Paste the complete header into the large window and click Submit header for analysis...


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Check where the IP addresses on the email are located. An email that claims to be from the White House, for example, should go through servers in the United States. If you see that it has been channeled through foreign countries, you can be fairly certain that it is a spam or phishing email