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Good Morning

How to . . . transport your yearbook photo in time

Ever wonder what you might have looked like had you graduated in 1950? Now you can travel back - or forward - in time by importing your face onto other people's yearbook images.

1. Go to and click "start" beneath "Place your face in vintage photos." Click "Portrait," then upload your photo. For the best results, use a picture of your face that is looking straight ahead, though the site has tools to adjust your photo.

2. Calibrate your photo by reducing, enlarging or rotating the image so it lines up correctly on the grid, then click to continue to male or female photos. Move left or right on the bottom date bar to select a year (1950-2000) to place your photo into.

3. Adjust the photo again, if needed, then click "save/share" to save, e-mail or upload the image to Facebook. Choose as many years as you wish or click the "Student Life" or "Most Likely To . . ." tabs at left to place your face in activity images.

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