If you have an iPad Air 2 with iOS 9, you can work on two apps simultaneously in what Apple calls Split View, with the apps running side-by-side on screen. While the rest of us with iOS 9 cannot fully multitask, here’s how to use the new Slide Out feature, which allows you to put a second app on screen.

1. With one app open on your iPad, place a finger on the far right of the screen and swipe it left until an arrow appears. Continue dragging the arrow to the left until a panel pulls out.

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2. On this panel are app icons. Scroll up or down the panel until you find the second app you want to open. (If an app is already open in the panel and it is not the one you want, swipe down on the horizontal bar at the top of the panel to access the full list of available apps).

3. Tap on the icon to open it. An abbreviated view of the app will appear in the panel, but you should be able to access its controls and use it. While you are using it, the app on the left will dim and become inactive. You can switch back to the initial app by tapping on it. This will rehide the right-hand panel.