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Review: HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset improves bass

The HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset has dual

The HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset has dual chambers to produce cleaner sound. Credit: Kingston Technology

NAME HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset

WHAT IT DOES This upgrade from Kingston Technology still boasts 50mm drivers that pump out gorgeous sound and has that distinct channel separation that helps players in games such as The Evil Within 2. The earcup cushions are still plush with leatherette to create a seal on the skin and keeps out exterior noise. The real difference is in the dual chamber technology — instead of having one area where sound is produced in the earcup, the engineers divided the space, creating two. The first chamber emphasizes the bass while the other chamber pushes out the mids and highs. The split creates a cleaner sound with less distortion.

COST $99.99

WHAT’S HOT Compared to the original, the Cloud Alpha produces bigger, rounder bass. Explosions feel fuller and impactful. The design decision shores up one of the issues with the original HyperX, which had below-average bass. Along with the improved audio, HyperX also took another look at the aluminum frame and headband, making the former lighter and the second more accommodating to those with bigger heads.

The other minor upgrades include a detachable noise-canceling microphone along with a detachable braided cord. Those features along with two types of 3.5mm cables and travel bag make the Cloud Alpha a good value, especially if you’re looking for a daily driver.

WHAT’S NOT Although the Cloud Alpha is comparable to the likes of Logitech G433, it faces stiff competition against Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600. That headset offers comparable specs but the big difference is that it’s wireless.


— East Bay Times (TNS)

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