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iFrogz Mogul offers an earful of style

iFrogz Ear Pollution Mogul DJ Style Headphones -

iFrogz Ear Pollution Mogul DJ Style Headphones - Snow Machine style Credit:

The days of boring no-frills, non-style earphones are a thing of the past. If your into having boss style in your ears, but at the same time sound and function trump fashion, the iFrogz Mogul Headphones are definitely worth a go.

Some key players in the tech gadget market come to mind when we talk about sound. Sony, Bose, Shure, Skullcandy to name a few, but iFrogz isn’t one of the top manufacturers on my list, so I’ll admit I was skeptical about these from the start.

At first glance, these DJ-style headphones look super-slick. I went in favor of the Snow Machine style, which boasts a white-washed look with accents of black and silver. Other styles include the funky looking Blue/Red and the Stealth, which is essentially a black version of the Snow Machine. Construction is pretty solid and the ear pads are very comfortable, even after wearing them for an extended period of time -- important if you wear headphones a lot or are an actual DJ. (DJs beware the cord for these is a bit short so an extension may be necessary.)

So style and comfort are spot on, but what about the sound? At first, they fell a bit short on clarity. The sound was a bit tinny and the bass was far less than the “super-deep bass” advertised on the package. But as I continued to listen, the speakers seemed to get better. Once they were broken in, I was pleased with the amount of bass and range of sound coming from the 50-mm speaker drivers.

Tech specifications on these are in line with most DJ-style headphones in the $70 price point. Impedance: 32 ohms; sensitivity: 116 dB; frequency response: 10-30,000 Hz, which is a bit higher than the comparable Skullcrushers by Skullcandy.

Bottom Line: If your in the market for a set of stylish DJ-style headphones, definitely give these a try.

iFrogz Mogul Headphones are priced at $69.99 off the iFrogz website, but can be found on for around $50.

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