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InFamous 2: Worthy Cole MacGrath sequel

In this video game image released by Sony

In this video game image released by Sony Computer Entertainment, a scene is shown from "inFamous 2." Photo Credit: AP Photo/

There's no lack of superheroes on the big screen this summer, with Green Lantern, Thor and Captain America receiving the film treatment. But one of the most electrifying wonders to debut in recent years will be found only on video game consoles. He's less legendary than the X-Men, but Cole MacGrath packs just as much punch.

InFamous 2 finds the growly messenger-turned-marvel, who spent most of his original 2009 adventure honing his ability to control electricity, in a second mission to bring down the Beast, a gigantic villain foreshadowed during the first game's climax. Now, everything is bigger and badder.

After the first battle with the Beast goes awry, Cole retreats to New Marais, a stylish rendition of a swampy Southern town that's more of a character than some of the humans depicted. From balcony-lined city streets to a flood-ravaged suburban neighborhood, the details laced throughout this virtual take on New Orleans are astounding.

Like its predecessor,

inFamous 2 excels at making gamers feel similar to the superheroes they'll see in theaters this summer without the all-consuming constraints of actually portraying such well-known creations. The developers at Sucker Punch Productions also have achieved a fine balance with Cole, who never feels too powerful, even the second time around.

PLOT A superhero tale

RATING T for Teen

DETAILS PlayStation 3, $59.99

BOTTOM LINE A shockingly slick sequel

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